What does Australia look like right now? We take 5 with photographer anna snowsill

You’ve probably seen Anna’s gorgeous work without even realising it: She took the photos on the www.toherdoor.com.au website + Facebook page. We asked the Melbourne-based photographer about how she captures Australia’s beauty – without the cliche or corn-factor. By Mia Abrahams

What does Australia look like to you right now?

Mm, big question. so many things.

Right now I see Australia as the most brilliant old country, more spectacular and elaborate and clever and beautiful than any of the drongos purporting to run it in Canberra.

Being polite, I’ll say right now it looks like a place full of potential. Full of potential for cultural maturation and historical reflection. Full of potential to increase our appreciation of just how special our ecosystems are. At least the gum trees always look sublime even when the socio-political report card looks crap.

What is one of your favourite things to shoot, and why?

Landscapes and buildings   The way light can transform buildings in a streetscape day to day is magic, it’s really fun to get in tune with. Then the colour gradients and textures nature gives you continually make my brain pop. Like grass seed heads….phwoar — Australia has really good ones. I could just look at them forever. Some of them are so delicate, it’s like they’re only suggesting that they actually exist. They’re the best.

Tell us a story about a memorable photo.

I laugh every time I see this photo of my friend Betty on a Russian yacht. We were camping on Lake Baikal and this guy from Irkutsk reckons he can sail us around Olkhon Island in his two story vessel to find these Baikal seals. They’re darling chubby nugget creatures that are endemic to the lake (+ the only fresh water seals in the world).  Several hours later, we’ve seen approximately zero seals and I’m in speed dealers driving this huge boat back because old mate is too pissed to get us home. Memorable.

Find more of Anna’s work on her website here or Insta here.