Dear Doorly Doctor: Early miscarriages

We’re bringing back the sealed section. In this section, doctors answer readers’ most candid(a) sex questions.

Q: I had a pregnancy scare when my period was six days late, and then I had a weird period that was intense for one or two days. Could it have been an early miscarriage?? – WTAF, Sydney

A: It is normal for women to experience some irregularity in their menstrual cycle in the first few years of menstruation, and this normal settles down over time. It is possible that your period was simply ‘late’ or if you had sexual intercourse prior, that you experienced an early failed pregnancy. Signs that suggest a failed pregnancy include; if your periods are normally very regular, if the period was much heavier than usual, or if you experienced more severe abdominal cramping than usual. It is also possible to do a blood test to look for serum levels of bHCG, which is a hormone produced during conception and implantation, and may be elevated in an early miscarriage.

– Dr Jessica Dean (She’s founder of the Nookie Project, a director of beyondblue, and doctor at Monash Health in Melbourne.)