Frances Cannon: ‘We all deserve self-love’

Image: Frances Cannon via Instagram/@Frances_Cannon

Artist, feminist, and founding member of the Self Love Club (Rule #1: You must always show yourself respect, love, forgiveness, and understanding), Frances Cannon, draws women as she sees them — imperfect, real, beautiful.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your wonderfully body positive work?

A. It’s for me and other people I know, who all deserve self love and fat positivity, but sometimes forget and need little reminders.

Q: What are you proudest of in your work, whether a particular drawing, or an overall impact or theme?

A. Everyone’s favourite drawing is:

I’m proud of how much of an impact this drawing has had.

Q: How did you know how to price your work? Have you ever struggled with knowing how to value yourself as an artist, and ask for what you’re worth?

A. Pricing is always hard. I think every artist/creative I know has trouble with it. You just have to trust what your gut tells you what the piece is worth. You (the artist) knows best.

Q: Any advice for aspiring artists in their early 20s?

A. WORK HARD!!! Apply for everything that interests you, don’t let a ‘no’ slow you down and keep applying. Make heaps of stuff and keep practicing your craft.

Q: The best part about being a woman is:

A. Loving and supporting ALL women.

Q: Other feminist artists worth checking out are:

A: Tuesday BassenPhoebe WahlGemma Flack (and many more.)

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Artwork: Frances Cannon via Instagram/@Frances_Cannon