Music to Your Ears: Artists You Need to Stream Right Now

We're on a mission to tell you about as many A+ Australian women musicians (with a few female-fronted bands thrown in) as we possibly can. So, in no particular order, welcome to a list of 15 artists shake up your Spotify. We even made you a playlist of all our faves, which you can check out here.

By Grace Jennings-Edquist.

1. Banoffee
Best for: When you’re in an electro-pop, new wave, RnB, FKA Twiggs kinda mood.

2. Miss Eileen and King Lear
Best for: Putting on in the background when you host backyard drinks this summer.

3. Mia Dyson
Best for: When you’re feeling like a true rock & roll sound and a gritty, gravelly voice.

4. Bec Sandridge
Best for: When you’re up for something fierce and unusual (ever heard of spaghetti disco pop?).

5. Tash Sultana
Best for: Any time you want a hugely diverse, raw talent in your ears. (Hot tip: watch her live Tiny Desk concert  to really see her talent in full swing.)

6. Ka-tya
Best for: When you feel like something Regina Spektor-ish, gorgeous and whimsical.

7. Kardajala Kirridarra
Best for: Getting super meditative, without, you know, having to *actually* meditate. 

8. The Harpoons
Best for: If you like RnB/soul and music that's occasionally inspired by the Aussie bush.

9. Ainslie Wills
Best for: People who enjoy beautiful, thought-provoking melodies matched by strong vocals.

10. Alice Skye
Best for: Piano fans (and those who love slow, dreamlike vocals. And who doesn't?)

11. Nai Palm 
Best for: Formerly from the band Haitus Kayote, Nai Palm future-soul vibes and a breathtaking voice on her solo debut album have made a recent fan in of Drake (for real).

12. Jess Locke
Best for: When you’re having a sad and you need some lo-fi/alternative/indie tunes to keep you company.

14. Gretta Ray
Best for: Singing along while you drive to the beach with your windows down.

13. Stonefield
Best for: Finding out what psych-rock is. And liking it.

15. Peta & the Wolves
Best for: Pretending you’re in Scandinavia (this Aussie act divides its time between Melb and Stockholm.)

Check out our Spotify playlist here.