Dear Doorly Doctor: Oral Thrush

We asked a sexual health expert all the stuff you're embarrassed to ask your IRL doctor (or your mum.) So festive!

Q. I started getting a sore throat after giving my new BF oral sex about two weeks ago. My throat looks red too. Could it be oral thrush (and will I need to take medication?) - Deepthroat, Adelaide

A. A number of infections can be passed through oral sex and affect the mouth and throat, such as herpes simplex, gonorrhoea and syphilis. Chlamydia can also be passed orally, but less frequently than the others.

Thrush normally presents with white patches in the mouth and surrounding redness. It is rare in healthy women (not on antibiotics and with normal immune systems), which makes it less likely that your sore throat is thrush. Your sore throat may just be a classic viral infection and the timing may just be coincidence, but it is worth heading to your doctor to get it checked out and presents a good opportunity for a routine sexual health check-up (you should have one of these every six months).

- Dr Jessica Dean (She's founder of the Nookie Project, a director of beyondblue, and doctor at Monash Health in Melbourne.)