Booked Out: What to Pick for Book Club This Year

We asked an actual book expert – Bronte Coates, digital content coordinator at iconic Aussie bookseller Readings  for reading recs.

Q. What can I buy when I want something smart to suggest at book club (or when my mum does, for that matter)?

A. Zoë Morrison was named the winner of the Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction last year for her stunning debut novel, Music and Freedom, and it comes with Readings’ highest recommendation. Set over a period of 70 years, it is a profound and moving portrait of one woman’s life, ranging from rural Australia in the 1930s to England in the modern day. This is a smart pick for book clubs because Morrison is an immensely talented new writer, and reading her work early means that your mum’s book club will be able to say: ‘We read her way back when...’

Other ‘smart’ picks include... the German writer Hans Fallada’s recently released memoirs, A Stranger in My Own Country; Sebastian Barry’s Costa Book of the Year winner, Days Without End; and Mary Roach’s Grunt – which unpacks the curious science of humans at war.