GoT is over. So what do I watch now?

Need to spark up your TV life? Whatever your mood, I got you.
By Mia Abrahams

You’re in the mood for… A crime mystery, set in Brooklyn, but with a quirky Broad City twist. Also, starring Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat and a gang of self-absorbed 20-somethings as they try and Nancy Drew their way to finding a missing girl. — Try:Search Party

You’re in the mood for… Laughing and being furious at the world at the same time. — Try: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

You’re in the mood for… A glitzy dramedy set in a New York Cosmo-esque women’s magazine, with all the glamour you’d expect: clicking of heels down marble corridors and swooping aerial shots over the glittering city skyline. Except, this time, the action is refreshingly centred not around boys and contrived #drama, but around work and supportive, fulfilling, female friendships. — Try: The Bold Type

You’re in the mood for… Getting way too invested in fictional characters relationships, a super relatable, awkward AF heroine, a killer soundtrack, really hot dudes, an honest depiction of best-friendship, throwing things at the TV when you are too invested in aforementioned relatable characters and they’re doing dumb shit, oh and did I say hot dudes? — Try: Insecure

You’re in the mood for… British comedy. No actually, American comedy. No actually… British. But with an American? And a funny take on a one night stand with some pretty long lasting consequences (aka, babies.) — Try: Catastrophe

You’re in the mood for… The television equivalent of mindful meditation. I mean, seriously, it’s just mild-mannered British people baking scones. — Try: The Great British Bakeoff

You’re in the mood for… Something to commit to. Preferably a show that has 80+ hours of over-the-top telenovela-inspired drama and a cast that you just can’t help but love. Seriously. Try: Jane the Virgin

You’re in the mood for… A satisfying, entertaining deep dive into the origin stories of rap legends Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine. And scratching your Marshall Mathers itch — Try: The Defiant Ones